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What's your story?
And who's writing it?

Organisations write millions of words to grow their brands. If you have a brand, you have 100’s of stories big and small to tell on web pages, videos, social media, pitch decks, sales materials, even internal presentations. That’s where we come in.

We write your brand stories.

When it comes to copy, your brand needs both quantity and quality to succeed. We can help with everything from the smallest post to complete brand creation, from high-concept ads, commercials and videos to concise corporate culture documents and sales materials.  Over the past 30 years, we've worked with hundreds of companies all over the world. We have the depth, breadth and proven creativity to help make your brand stand out.


Articles to inspire you and your brand.  
A Good Brand Name is Like a Paper Bag / Why Time Mangement Is Mostly Nonsense  / Seven Ways of Protecting Your Innovation Without Patents  / The Best Description of Our Digital World Is 800 Years Old  /  The Story of a Good Story 

"Every brand has a story.
Let yours be the most interesting and longest running."


(...see above)

Copywriter, journalist, author and branding consultant, Steve Strid brings a unique mix of writing experience to today’s corporate narrative. Born, raised and educated in California, he's been based in Europe for the last three decades. He has written for every medium from peridocials (The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, Reflexions), videos and glossy magazine ads to brochures, blogs and pitch decks. His book The Viking Manifesto is still the only work on marketing with sex, drugs and violence. (12 years in print in 17 languages.) His client list over the years includes multinationals and start-ups such as: Absolut Vodka, Edge Brewing, Ericsson, Telia, Sandvik Coromant, Baby Björn and Light My Fire.

Some interesting numbers...


A4 pages

Total copy written  - from international ad campaigns and  pitch decks to banners and brochures. 


Web pages

...from start-ups to multinationals, from copy only to complete concept and navigation.



Written and produced so far this year...



Published in English language periodicals all over the world.

Steve Strid
Stockholm, Sweden
Valencia, Spain

+46 708 79 64 60

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